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  1. Why you didn't add Mitcheld in the anti mod list I got banned lol...
  2. Sometimes my account logout for no reason and its delet the name and keep the password. How I can fix this ?
  3. Can you fix Bows&Shield Looted count ? its doesn't count also add elf kill's count pls
  4. 7hamadeeee7

    eLfs bot

    Its been long time bud, and I'm not complaining to scripts and I know that Scriptss can't do anything I'm talking to Hook since hes the responsible here.
  5. Its doesn't work for me too
  6. I will sell you 10B tick whats your offer ?
  7. I got same problem .. I didn't even recive the code
  8. Black Warlocks & Super prayer maker for Pkh fam <3
  9. I need this script tho Can I have it ?
  10. There's a lot of bugs bro You can test it and see.
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