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  1. 7hamadeeee7

    [Pkhonor] PElves

    Why you didn't add Mitcheld in the anti mod list I got banned lol...
  2. 7hamadeeee7

    [Pkhonor] PElves

    Sometimes my account logout for no reason and its delet the name and keep the password. How I can fix this ?
  3. 7hamadeeee7

    [Pkhonor] PElves

    Can you fix Bows&Shield Looted count ? its doesn't count also add elf kill's count pls
  4. 7hamadeeee7

    eLfs bot

    Its been long time bud, and I'm not complaining to scripts and I know that Scriptss can't do anything I'm talking to Hook since hes the responsible here.
  5. 7hamadeeee7

    eLfs bot

    Still not fixed.....
  6. 7hamadeeee7

    eLfs bot

    When do you will fix it then ?
  7. 7hamadeeee7

    [Pkhonor] PElves

    Its doesn't work for me too
  8. 7hamadeeee7

    [PkHonor] kPremiumFisher [Release]

    Omg Hi Rick!!
  9. 7hamadeeee7

    Buying PKH tickets.

    I will sell you 10B tick whats your offer ?
  10. 7hamadeeee7

    Wrong Two factor authentication code?

    I got same problem .. I didn't even recive the code
  11. 7hamadeeee7

    [FREE] Taking free scripts requests!

    Black Warlocks & Super prayer maker for Pkh fam <3
  12. 7hamadeeee7

    Agility Bot

    I need this script tho Can I have it ?
  13. 7hamadeeee7

    [PKHonor] PGildedBencher [Free]

    There's a lot of bugs bro You can test it and see.
  14. 7hamadeeee7

    [PkHonor] 1-99 Agility [PkHonor]

    can you update it pls ?