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  1. Title says it all folks! What's your current background or desktop porn?
  2. But that's so ghetto....
  3. Anybody? I'm still trying to fix this.
  4. Ark

    Ketelaar u effin...

    Even with an apology this is unacceptable! You have caused this man a great deal of psychological and arguable physical harm! I DEMAND YOU PAY HIM FOR DAMAGES TO HIS MIND AND BODY! AT LEAST $5000.23 USD.
  5. Tell paradox Tell paradox to contact Bigshot, he'd probably fix all your IPB stuff for free! (These boards seriously need an update)
  6. Ark

    Settings indexes

    Sweet, I actually needed a few of these!
  7. I've seen some work and its nice, but when it comes to IPB design Bigshot is better in my oppionin.
  8. Good find. On another note, you should contact the user Bigshot and have him do some IPB design and cleanup for you. The sites good, but it has a lot of simple issues such as the PM system and such. He does a lot of well known RSPS websites and his stuff is probably some of if not the best out there right now as far as IPB goes.
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