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  1. Atex

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Woodcutter

    This script is available on the bdn (http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/). It's called Emma's Woodcutter.
  2. Atex

    Dreamscape API

    Use maven if you have any experience with it. Here's an example pom.xml that gets you going in no time: https://github.com/Parabot/Maven-Repository/blob/master/examples/script/pom.xml
  3. Sure does, thanks for the help (: This looks promising, I found some source files already and the server itself looks good. Thanks!
  4. Good point. I was thinking something that is somewhat functional, and in the direction of ikov not dreamscape with all it's custom items etc. I am not sure if those are realistic standards though.
  5. Hey guys, First of all I have little experience with rsps coding etc but am looking to maybe setup a test server for botting (long term project). I am looking for a (pretty) clean and recent rs 317 server to mess around with a bit. Is there anyone that can help me find one (server + client source)? I've been looking already but I could only find servers from 2010/12 (these might be good but I lack the experience to judge them). If not I'll continue my search. Thanks (:
  6. Atex

    LordPeng [Penguin Killer]

    Could you maybe add charms to the loot table?
  7. Atex

    IKOV rocktail bot

    It doesn't get hit at all, maybe rarely when you run from the spot to bank and back.
  8. Atex

    IKOV rocktail bot

    I have one, however unable to put it on the bdn :/
  9. Atex

    checking if a prayer is active ?

    Game.getSetting() I think, never been able to test it tho
  10. Atex

    logging into parabot on vp

    I'll help you out on skype
  11. Atex

    logging into parabot on vp

    I looked into it, it has to do with ssl certificates. Probably blocked by his provider, best solution would be to create a support ticket on their help desk.
  12. Atex


    Still no reason to reqeust ddos attacks, very childish imo. Just eat it and learn from mistakes..
  13. Atex

    Ikov Fletcherb

    I have a private script like this, I'll modify it a bit and release it tomorrow
  14. Atex

    need help with vp

    Add me on skype, I might be able to help you out
  15. Atex

    [IKOV] Need rich tester for Overload script [HELP]

    Well rich might be a bit overkill, I just meant that you can buy enough supplies to run the script for like half an hour - hour. It makes overloads fast so you need quite a bit of supplies