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  1. Atex

    How to Change MAC Address on Windows

    Parabot has this feature built in. Go to File > Network > Randomize MAC.
  2. In Parabot go to Features > Clear cache, then reload the client.
  3. Atex

    Server hooks

    I haven't actually tried hooking it myself so I don't know exactly what has to happen, but I'm pretty sure the custom provider needs some work as well. You can find the provider here: https://github.com/Parabot/Parabot-317-API-Minified-PkHonor
  4. Unless you learn how to hook a server yourself there's no way you can do it.
  5. Atex

    Server hooks

    Sorry to disappoint you but getting pkhonor working isn't as simple as just hooking it. But to answer your question callbacks are methods parabot will intercept when they are called and invokers are methods parabot will call to perform an action. As for the setter, that seems fine not sure why you'd think it's wrong. If what I just said doesn't make sense you'll have a hard time working it out, good luck though.
  6. Atex

    Update the Hook Tutorial

    This tutorial contains anything you need to hook a server: https://parabot.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TUTORIALS/pages/2981896/How+to+hook+a+server
  7. Atex


    Try using a different machine entirely because it might be more than just a mac ban. Also, use a vpn or proxy.
  8. Atex

    help me please

    Soulplay doesn't work anymore.
  9. Atex

    Dreamscape update

    It's already updated, clear your cache and you should be able to log in.
  10. Atex

    Dreamscape thieve

    Post this as a reply on the topic of the bot in question, now no one knows which bot you are talking about.
  11. Atex


    If I have time I'll try updating it, but I've got little time these days..
  12. Atex

    problem with Array (Java Beginner)

    Edit: I realized I interpreted the situation wrong.. Did you declare the array correctly? You need to define a 2-dimensional array like so: private Type[][] = {}; Just replace the Type with the type you are using.
  13. Atex

    [Dreamscape] aInstanceFighter

    aInstanceFighter Kills any boss you want in iron man instances indefinitely. Supports eating an praying. Requirements: - Have an iron man account - Have all the supplies in your first (or active) bank tab Set up: - Start the script near the portal at ::home Source code: https://github.com/ParabotAtex/aInstanceFighter-Dreamscape You will have to compile this script yourself, you can use one of the guides on the forum for this. Some I found: https://www.parabot.org/community/topic/14014-how-to-compile-a-script/ https://www.parabot.org/community/topic/7069-updated-how-to-compile-scripts-tutorial-1/ All feedback is welcome!
  14. Atex

    [Dreamscape] aInstanceFighter

    It's currently not working, something to do with the gui. I've been trying to find a good fix, I'll hopefully get it working within a day or 2.
  15. Atex

    [OSWar] aFisher

    aFisher for OSWar An AIO fishing bot that fishes at ::skilling Script features: - Fishes all spots at ::skilling - Power levelling - Auto progress through fish when levelling - Auto tp's to ::skilling and withdraws tools from bank Set-up: - Buy the necessary supplies and tools you need from the shop and have them in your bank/inventory The script does the rest! Enjoy!
  16. Atex

    Wont Load

    1) Make sure it's java 7 or 8! 2) Are you perhaps running a vpn that might be blocked? Also is there any console output? Run it in a cmd window and see what it says when it gets stuck: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5774970/run-jar-file-in-command-prompt
  17. Atex

    Wont Load

  18. Atex

    No Client Loading!

    You might have JDK 9 or something like that installed, but have an active JRE 8 installation that would explain why it works outside of IntelliJ. At least that would be the case if Java 9 (or 10) is the cause of this, which I'm not sure about.
  19. Atex

    No Client Loading!

    What java version are you using?
  20. Atex

    [Server Updates] PkHonor and Dreamscape

    If you're on windows go to Your documents folder and open the Parabot folder. In there delete the cache folder.
  21. Atex

    client not loading dreamscape

    Delete the Documents/Parabot/cache folder.
  22. Atex

    client not loading dreamscape

    Not sure what the issue is but start with clearing your cache.
  23. Atex

    Pkhonor outdated.

    Pkhonor is outdated
  24. There are 2 possible causes: 1. You have 32-bit java installed; 2. Java ran out of memory space (this is usually caused by the above-mentioned problem). How to analyze the problem: Windows: Step 1: Open a new command prompt (cmd) Step 2: In this window type "java -version" and press enter Step 3: Analyze the output If it contains the words "32-bit" anywhere in this message it means you have 32-bit java installed. Mac: Step 1: Open a new terminal window Step 2: In this window type "java -version" and press enter Step 3: Analyze the output If it contains the words "32-bit" anywhere in this message it means you have 32-bit java installed. How to fix the problem: If you have 32-bit java installed, install 64-bit java 8 which can be found here or by googling "java JRE". MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE 64-BIT VERSION. What if this message does not contain "32-bit" but it does contain "64-bit"? This means your active java installation is 64-bit which is correct. If the client still crashes for you it means you will need to allocate more memory to the parabot client. This guide is quite compact at the moment, I will add more in-depth explanations depending on community feedback. So all feedback is welcome!