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  1. thats hella overpriced gtfo
  2. add fucking elkoy and lets bot it boys !!!!

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    2. Eggselent


      On a serious note who even plays rsps in 2017 lol. Im only here for the community and ofc, you and wishy

    3. JKetelaar
    4. FaladorPS


      Yeah who plays rsps..

  3. Eggselent

    maxed account

    never knew that. used one and got cleaned. ty for the idea though
  4. Eggselent

    maxed account

    anyone has a maxed combat account on 07 that they are not using or would be able to give me for few mins/hours so i could stake?
  5. is zamorak still supported?
  6. anyone would want to discuss making me a script for free? to test ur op strenghts or ur knowledge, i can also pay depending on how much you'd think the script would take to make. ty.
  7. Eggselent

    Im not dead. RIP

    Basing my sexuality on my grammar and the words I am using? You must be a very smart person mate.
  8. Eggselent

    Im not dead. RIP

    I don't want this site to die but I can see it coming. RSPS in 2k16 lul..
  9. as a loyal member and a veteran of this community, i decided to give away a donor acc on runique, only 10 usd one managed to get in a giveaway or some shit cant rem how. comment below if u want it ill pick one of you scringers. http://image.prntscr.com/image/e89f4fad934d427ba5fa8414f394bb9e.png
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