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  1. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov - Be aware

    ​Alright, thanks for clearing things up:)
  2. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov - Be aware

    if the screenshots are saved locally could you find out where they are saved?
  3. OctoPuzzy


    Yeah he is a scammer and has been spamming this for a bit now lol
  4. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov Jadinko Slayer Bot

    ​Sounds good :D
  5. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov Jadinko Slayer Bot

    ​Any progress on this?
  6. OctoPuzzy

    Twitch Raid by 9gag + 4chan + le gordos

    l0l haha xD watching it haha
  7. OctoPuzzy

    Parabot chat

    Chat box is great for helping users :D
  8. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov Jadinko Slayer Bot

    ​Oh wow sounds good man :D
  9. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov Jadinko Slayer Bot

    Got my 4th on earlier :D
  10. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov Jadinko Slayer Bot

    Update - Drop rate 1:50
  11. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov Jadinko Slayer Bot

    Thanks haha, And i'm not sure on the average drop rate but i'll try to find out for you.. I have been slaying them for a couple of days and i have got one on average in 1 to 1 and a half hours. (using row).
  12. OctoPuzzy

    Ikov Jadinko Slayer Bot

    As the title says it would be cool to have someone make a jadinko slayer bot, Bascily kills jadinko's and picks up the following -Loop Half Keys -Tooth Half Keys -Abyssal Vine Whip's and banks when it's out of food/prayer pots, this would be a good script to have as they're ranging at 200-300m each atm and it would be a great money maker Example of paint that could be used -
  13. OctoPuzzy

    cant login to client

    Yeah i am still getting this problem too.
  14. OctoPuzzy

    [Free][Sponsor] Botterino MM Service

    Need my MM Services? Follow it up: What kind of trade you doing? Gold > PP Did you and him add my skype? Nope, I cannot pm you Will you leave a vouch after the trade? Ofc i will Who is your partner? "TwoHitOwned" I need to get your skype as i cannot pm you :L
  15. Add my skype joe.stirrup1