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  1. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    pm me ign? Any update on this being fixed..?
  2. Soxindamouf


    And so was soulplay at one point?
  3. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    Tried to buy off other people they're waaaaaaay to expensive. It would be easier to just have regular restores working as intended..
  4. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    It doesn't drink restore pots on DS.
  5. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    Is this script going to be fixed?
  6. Soxindamouf


    Server name: Soulsplit Server URLhttps://community.soulsplit.net/ Direct client URL:https://soulsplit.net/public/client/SoulSplit Loader.jar Average amount of playing: 200 atm and still going A good reason to add it: It's going to probably be one of the biggest servers. It's the exact old soulsplit.
  7. Soxindamouf

    imagine ps

    Would be great, peaked like 89 today I think.
  8. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    And when would that be?
  9. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    Isn't drinking restore pots. I only have the regular restore pot option selected + soulsplit. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 at org.parabot.lord.LordKillingPro.strategies.Dreamscape.RestoreFlask.activate(RestoreFlask.java:17) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.StrategyWorker.execute(Frameworks.java:54) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script.run(Script.java:118) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  10. Soxindamouf

    [DreamScape] nonThiever [Open Source]

    You have to compile it. You can use this guide.
  11. Soxindamouf

    [DreamScape] nonThiever [Open Source]

    Pretty sweet. Came back from work and it's still going.
  12. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    Does the client lag for you while botting?
  13. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    I had to set an autoclicker to click the inventory tab to make it not have the idle message appear.
  14. Soxindamouf

    LordKilling Pro

    Got it all working after 30 minutes. I kept putting in one of the item IDs wrong and after I corrected it the script worked fine. Being able to save profiles/settings would be awesome. Loot as soon as NPC dies because sometimes it'll attack and an NPC right after the one your on dies and leaves loot on the ground until the second one dies. Afraid of a rare drop getting looted by someone else.
  15. Soxindamouf

    IKov IS detectable

    How? I get banned after 5 minutes.