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  1. Hello Parabot, Today EThiever makes a return and it is FREE for VIP members! If any of you used the old EThiever, it had mule support and creating new account support. Unfortunately, this version has those features disabled, it may be re-enabled in the form of a premium script. It'll thieve stalls from Ikov based upon your level. There's currently a bug, which will make the script switch stalls after a few levels rather than the right level, I am looking into it. You can restart the script to thieve the right stall, or just wait and it'll do it itself after a few levels. If you have any issues, please let me know! Link to script: http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000174-EThiever Regards, Empathy
  2. Empathy

    Selling Ikov GP

    I have 1.5b for sale. Pm me or comment your discord if interested!
  3. Empathy


    Ikov will be good to go very soon.
  4. Empathy


    Not true. You get IP Banned. No file is placed on your computer. If it is, it doesn't work then.
  5. Empathy


    We can support Elkoy easily. Youll just get ip banned instantly. Stop complaining we are working to resolve the issues surrounding Elkoy's bot detection.
  6. Hello. I have $50 on Venmo. Looking to purchase either Amazon GC or OSRS gold. Post your skype below or pm me it. Thanks.
  7. OT: Appeals can only be submitted once every 45 days. Please use this template for any appeals. Failure to do so will result in your appeal being auto denied.
  8. When your vip ends, pm an admin, theyll extend it for you.
  9. hey Im very very interested in your runique account. shoot me a pm or add my Skype. Skype name is "lamarskie"

  10. Hi empathy, not sure where to post here but i need a simple runique script that I'm willing to pay for.

    add me at funbox.sythe

  11. Lol. I bet if you were to apply for script writer you'd probably fail. Stop complaining about more guides. The dude even gave you credit and linked your guide. If you failed to explain something and he chooses too, there is no reason for complaining.
  12. I have forwarded this to Jketelaar.
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