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  1. were you the one who removed the woodcutting script without a reason?

    1. Lord


      I do have a reason, one that if you looked closely you would be able to see. It was removed due to the amount that was leached for another users script without even editing any of it. When you feel like posting your own script then please report. If you feel like leaching a script at least change the sleep timers, names and construct.

  2. Hey man, I grabbed you MysticChopper before the thread was removed. I tried replacing dream logs with lava logs to no avail. The object ID for dream tree is 27233, and for lava trees, it's 27232. I replaced that, as well as the item ID for lava logs and it just sits there. O.o 



      JK, had to change the sendAction ID as well. I'll build up a decent proggy for you.

    2. VectorX


      I had about 24 hours, finally got 150 wc lol

  3. VectorX

    Dreamscape Arcade Bot

    I will consider this, as I am personally interested in this. I just finished by Stall Thieving script. I'll try to apply for script writers, and then if I succeed I'll try to make this script. If possible I'll add a price for it, so that it doesn't impact the RSPS too much and attract unnecessary attention.
  4. VectorX

    [Dreamscape] - woodcutting script req

    I just posted my script, when the mods approve, it will be up.
  5. VectorX

    Road to £525

    Step 1: Convert into BTC Step 2: Gamble Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit
  6. VectorX

    DreamScape, missing API functionality

    Could be anti-botting "features", but I really don't mind the manual work. Perhaps this increases the barrier to entry for basic script writers such as I, but nothing more. Quick edit: I'm also retarded for not using getlocalregionx/y for the arg2/3. I simply didn't know that that
  7. VectorX

    DreamScape, missing API functionality

    Yeah, in the end I manually mapped each tree by X/Y for respective Action2/3 properties.
  8. VectorX

    DreamScape, missing API functionality

    SceneObjects.Option is missing entirely from the "minified API", tried replacing url from "api_old.jar" to "api.jar" to download the legacy non-minified API, and it worked, but still won't click on the sceneobject. Also, needs support for interacting with special objects, like the newly added Lava/Dream trees. Let me illustrate the problem. Object ID for dream tree is 27233. Searching for the SceneObject works fine. When interacting with the SceneObject, the bot sends: [index: 1, action1: 27233, action2: 52, action3: 46, id: 872] But, the bot needs to send: [index: 3, action1: 60001, action2: 47, action3: 50, id: 502] I've tried using manual actionindex 3(or 2, since I wasn't sure if 0 was being used as the initial index). Please update the API and/or provide with a simple .click() method. Also, tried forging game event actions after debugging the ids manually, but it still fails. GameActionEvent clickTree = new GameActionEvent(516, 60001, 46, 57, 0, 3);
  9. VectorX

    Back from the dead...

    ...because grinding a RSPS is stupid.
  10. Lol haven't been here since 2013, but dreamscape has to be botted... it's so grindy

  11. VectorX

    Making couple dollars?

    They raised minimum wage in NY to $8.75, but honestly, try to find a paid internship so that you get money and work experience so that when you finally apply for your future job, you can have proper credentials in your resume. Resumes, interviewing skills, and your on-paper presentation has to be top-notch these days.
  12. VectorX

    this guy will be a programming legend

    I know, just pointing out for the future lol
  13. VectorX

    this guy will be a programming legend

    LOL btw, you can remove "yo", since necesito already points to singular "I".
  14. VectorX

    this guy will be a programming legend

    Somehow I see the script start up, and then it shuts down. In the log, it says "No, no, I need more lemon pledge."
  15. VectorX

    [Ikov] Item Pickup

    http://bdn.parabot.org/api/v2/data/items/4151/ikov -- average whip price in JSON https://www.parabot.org/community/topic/12339-ikov-player-store-api/ the API