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  1. Really old thread but hey i botted real ikov with this so hey ho. I do full body workout 3x a week, normally 4 sets per muscle group. So would be in no particular order (besides abs always last): -Chest (dips) - 4x of max which is like 30 (should do weighted but meh) -Tricep pull downs - 3x15 (adjust weight) -Lat pull downs - 4x10-12 (130lbs) -Bicep Curls - 4x 6-12 30kg -Leg press - 4x10-12 (190lbs quite light need to get bigger tbf) -Shoulder press (machine) - 4x10-12 (36kg) -Ab machine - 5x10 (120lbs)
  2. Please fix. @JKetelaar
  3. I seem to be experiencing the same issue.
  4. PrivateServerGP


    Would love for it to actually be implemented then this website would receive a lot of traction again.
  5. It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. Good night Parabot, don't let the bed bots bite. Here lies Parabot, a beloved RSPS bot which was loved by potters everywhere. 2013-2017
  6. I swear I put isn't, weird, anyway yeh it isn't aloud, was just trying to help. Also as you can see the sentence makes perfect sense now. P.S i'm from england so i'm the most "englush" you can be, and there were no spelling mistakes? why you gotta be soo ruddeeeeee. Also unless i was high, i would never type that bad? Whatevs. Also i flushed my mouth, was a good tutorial. Sorry if i came across rude, but I'm just mad because you taking the piss outta me was really uncalled for.
  7. rates are 3m 07/B skype is rsgoldsupply
  8. Lol hacking isn't aloud for one you dumb kids, also even if you were hacking pkhonor it isn't even worth doing.
  9. Yah it doesn't work..
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