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  1. Client LAUNCHERNerfed casketsHiscores now worksAdded 200m (Now the achievement will be useful.)Crafting is now fixedBank bug is now fixedTrivia - so, from now on 3 players can win, and not just 1.Heblore EXP fixedSmithing EXP buffedRecovery and email set works. (Talk to town crier to set email address)Fixed the game performances.Max cash tickets Ironman mode now can access some shops (dung, rc and much more) Ironman drop rate has been abit raised. Clan tournament (More info coming soon) =================================== Fishing Reworked Moved to Fishing guild. Switched out npc fishing spots with objects. (Click Radius and Fish spot size solution.) Added Sea Turtle and Manta proper cook levels and fish levels. You no longer can fish Rocktail with worms, it is now proper living minerals.
  2. Website: http://www.amuliusrsps.com/ Forums: http://www.amuliusrsps.com/community Play: http://www.amuliusrsps.com/play Why AmuliusRSPS?Welcome to http://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-42263-AmuliusRSPS%20%7C%20Bounty%20Hunter%20-%20Grand%20Exchange/amuliusrsps.com, we created this server in 26/09/2015 and we managed to hit around 60 players! This is an absolutely great achievement for the server & staff who have incredible experience in RSPS. By now you are probably thinking why you should play on this server. Well, http://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-42263-AmuliusRSPS%20%7C%20Bounty%20Hunter%20-%20Grand%20Exchange/amuliusrsps.com will offer you some quality gaming experience! We have many creative activities in the server & our developers are awesome and will absolutely deliver awesome updates and joy to the players. I would first like to thank from the bottom of my hearts to all the people supporting this server! which are the players themselves and the amazing people who are able to donate and keep the server alive and running! We appreciate them very much, we wouldn't be here without them, so I would like to thank them very much, from me and the high staff team! We also have our own community forums which you can check out here: http://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-42263-AmuliusRSPS%20%7C%20Bounty%20Hunter%20-%20Grand%20Exchange/amuliusrsps.com/community This forum helps us to improve the server alot due to the fact that the players themselves get to give suggestions & feedback. Server Features- Real RS Grand Exchange - Loyalty Points - Fully working Bank Tabs! - Bounty Hunter - Ironman Mode - Ultimate Ironman Mode - Well of Goodwill - Automatic Voting + Highscores - Automatic Donations - Fully working Clan Chat! - Full Gambling + Full working Trivia system with points! - Working Dungeons - Runespan Bosses: - God Wars Dungeon - Nex - Corporeal Beast - Tormented Demons - Dagannoth Kings - Slash Bash - Nomad - Pheonix - Bandos Avatar - Kalphite Queen - King Black Dragon - Chaos Elemental - Frost Dragons - Glacors Minigames: - Warriors Guild - Pest Control - Duel Arena - Barrows - Fight Cave - Fight Pits - Soul Wars
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