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  1. robisbotting

    ikov stuck

    incorrect it was my first time running ikov on that vps didnt have the cache
  2. Thank you just as a fyi to anyone else looking at getting it im making 2b+ a day on each of my 2 accounts not had 1 single ban running the bots 24/7 when its working sometimes they bug out and stop hence the low amount doing thieving and agility highely recommended
  3. i made 2b+ a day from it easy @Lord its updated again 😛 when will be back working?
  4. robisbotting

    ikov stuck

    ikov stuck on entering title screen any help? logger reads http://prntscr.com/nt1mh3 FIXED
  5. robisbotting


    Selling DreamScape Gold/Items I have over 50T in Cash 500T Items MiniGun May consider Selling the account it is super donator skype rob.wilson1996
  6. just bought this hope its good could you add c keys and armadyl ect to bank as well
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