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  1. close this - i was on the wrong account
  2. title says all will send u what needs to be done if interested leave ur skype at the bottom. OT:will pay
  3. update: getting this error now im able to run parabot client but not my own scripts http://puu.sh/jSDZN/66e60a1f5a.png
  4. http://puu.sh/jRukn/b6897d3863.png added the windows cmd file content to my current cmd content when i try open bot is when i get error jw
  5. What vps? just wondering can we have details?
  6. Wishy was the one who first recomended me Virmach. Me:mind receomending one? Wishy: Virmach http://virmach.com/ Wishy: Open a ticket first Wishy: ask for some help Wishy: Say you wana run parabot Wishy: on Linux Wishy: it uses 350mb RAM per client I Suppose virmach fucked him over. virmach is horrible only reason im running the bots is becuase im on thier elite server thier other server suck.
  7. Hi there as wishy does have a valid point VIRMACH is not the best possible VPS for goldfarming however dont let that undercut you im currently using virmach and running 4parabot clients that run for 50+ hours however please do your reaseach fully before you buy dont make the same mistake I, we did,
  8. archil3s

    Help if u can

    Dont sweat it guys the accounts listed are already railroaded by the ikov staff for rwt so doesnt matter!
  9. archil3s

    Help if u can

    That when running the Parabot client Wishy: your accs say disabled but on ikov client they work
  10. Title says all let me know looking for quick efficient scripters to design scripts for Ikov rsps ofcourse willing to me leave comment below or send me a Inbox. thanks!
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