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  1. you still sell gold

  2. Request that on the script you're using. All scripts should have relogging.
  3. iEatApplez

    Is it worth?

    Runique doesn't work currently
  4. Can't tell for sure.
  5. Parabot's server host is experiencing instabilities. Client will be back up ASAP, staff has been notified of the issue already.
  6. Parabot's server host is having instabilities. I've notified @JKetelaar of this already :)
  7. They've been using that for a while. Just add anti-mod (logs out or idles when mod is nearby). Also, do you have any info about the teleport? Does it perform an animation? Does something appear in the chatbox? etc.
  8. You should have a nullcheck and an arrayoutofbounds check for abbyDemon[]. Also I can see many reasons why it wouldn't work.
  9. You should post bug reports on the forum thread of the script
  10. iEatApplez


    OS-Rune and OS-Scape won't happen. They've been requested more than enough but they're a different revision. Without much coding knowledge I could simply explain it as it'd take forever to make and update Parabot to support the servers.
  11. So currently the only server working is pkh, if you'd actually explain what doesn't the devs can look into it.
  12. Please report server bugs here to keep it updated. Also, the error was already known. Thanks anyways.
  13. This was a post from the 22nd of April..
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