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  1. Domantas1


    Does this look like the fucking simba support forum to you? Why don't you go ask on their own forums?
  2. Your only mad at me for selling it for cash becouse you cant afford it why would i put something i've worked hard on for free?
  3. Hey man can you help me out with my hooks for custom server? I found everything but still getting errors. Wondering if I could show you where i am up too? Can't find any admins that are active to help


  4. No its not even updated and wont be for a while.
  5. Perhaps but its not the first priority atm IIRC , they're mainly focusing on upgrading the BDN.
  6. You sure , we had to re-hook Pkh so many times lol. Same with DS we have to re-hook it everytime and same with Elkoy? Thats whats been happening for a couple months now...
  7. You tryna tell me all they do in a client update is change a variable lol? There's been many cases where certain methods were changed and therefore wouldn't work with Parabot unless they update the API. Plus they add in new models , items and possibly change the client completely in updates so just changing a variable wouldn't do shit and you'll be "bypassing" on a broken client with most of the new stuff missing. Also 99% you will have to re-hook it anyway since they change the fields most of the time so yeah. This ain't 2014 where they were using shitty checks like a simple variable.
  8. Yeah PkHonor and Elkoy are outdated , they are being worked on so just be patient.
  9. No you can't "bypass" it. You can hook servers locally yourself but you need java knowledge.
  10. I *think* this can be done with a virtualbox vm or you can grab another pc/laptop and use a vpn on that. You can also buy a VPS which would do the same job.
  11. Domantas1


    Lol ... don't talk if you don't know shit. Parabot is open-source. Yes you can hook servers manually but you need java knowledge. Try look at the hooking tutorial in the bdn docs.
  12. Pkhonor isn't even working yet because its outdated
  13. Pretty sure batch files are windows only. Instead make it a bash file.
  14. FIrst of all don't grave-dig old threads , this post is 1.5 years old if you haven't noticed. Secondly it has been said many many times before that we do not have an API for OSRS , this means we do not support Oldschool Runescape related servers which specifically use the OSRS client.
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