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  1. just realized they dont stock ore anymore in the shop
  2. https://gyazo.com/8aac8fc3f3922ab6e054bd256c80c894 i get these errors when trying to complie
  3. hey man i not sure how else to msg you but i would like to report a bug on ur seller for ikov

    when running this scprit it seems to work quite well for about the first 10-20 mins then i get logged out and then when i try to log back in i always get an error and says connection error and i get logged out it will only work angin once i have stoped the scprit and logged back in


    cheers if you leave me your skype or something i will countuie reporting bugs :)

    1. EmmaStone


      The script doesn't open the shop that error is a problem with Ikov the only way that I could make it work is adding another option to the GUI with the npc Id.

    2. spider355


      that would make the scprit alot more reliable and be able to run over long peroids of time :)

  4. hey man was wondering if you were going to update ur toremted killer scprit by any cahance? im leaving a status because the messaging isnt working


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