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  1. Deprecation

    Dreamscape was just updated

    They are aware of this update, stay tuned
  2. Deprecation

    Update on PkHonor's detection

    Have you tried using the random button in the network interface of Parabot, for the mac address? That should solve the issue already :)
  3. Deprecation

    Runique is broken?

    Worked for me, but it doesn't show up in the console or anything. I'll try to see if I can reproduce this by recreating the applet within Parabot.
  4. Deprecation

    Banned on Any Server? Look Here

    Nice guide
  5. Deprecation

    Ikov - Lying to it's players?

    I knew it I doubt he makes scripts here, but I'm pretty sure he's lurking on this site. Either on 'how-to-java' or to use some bots for himself heuheu
  6. Deprecation

    Paid scripts on Parabot

    If I recall this correctly, you are only allowed to sell scripts through Parabot when you are a script writer. So in your case, you may not sell a script.
  7. Deprecation

    New IMPACT-RS server.

    Might want to put this into the correct section...
  8. Deprecation


    Non-free ones or leach sites
  9. Deprecation

    [Minified API] Added trading method

    I was wondering the same, so to help you out: /** * TODO Figure a way to use packets instead * Accepts the offer and hits the button to continue to the second screen */ private static void acceptOffer() { Time.sleep(500, 750); Mouse.getInstance().click(260, 190, true); Time.sleep(500, 750); } /** * TODO Figure a way to use packets instead * Accepts the trade and hits the button to complete the trade */ private static void acceptTrade() { Time.sleep(500, 750); Mouse.getInstance().click(230, 310, true); Time.sleep(500, 750); In other words: - #acceptOffer tries to get to the next trade - #acceptTrade tries to complete the trade
  10. Deprecation

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks man!
  11. Deprecation

    Why did all my threads get archived?

    Hahaha - awkwaaaard
  12. Deprecation

    Hello everyone!

  13. Deprecation

    Banned on Ikov? No Worries.

    Oh mah god. Parabot has an awesome network feature and you're still spreading out viruses? Use the build-in function...
  14. Deprecation

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks man!
  15. Deprecation

    Hello everyone!