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  1. I've read alot of stuff about people saying the client is broken for the Runique server. Most of the symptoms of the supposed problem are that alot of objects and players+NPCs don't show up. Honestly I noticed the problem but I also noticed that when you turn your client into full screen and teleport to another area, the npcs and objects will load just fine and you can even revert the screen size back to normal afterwards.. I have noticed none of the scripts work, but other than that I can run on the Parabot client just fine
  2. Fang0267

    Ikov gnome agility

    Compiled and tried this script, sadly nothing is coming out of it. IT shows up in the listing but as soon as you press start it treats the client like nothing ever happened
  3. So my dumbass downloaded a script with the help of a m8 on here named Lord, and the script he made was just too slow for my patience. Long story short, I can no longer use the script or add any script through github to use because I cannot find a way to restore the "default program" to whatever it was to begin with..
  4. Awesome!!! Now if only I could figure out how to use github to add the script so I could use it .-.
  5. If you could make it to where the script cuts logs into shafts then goes to chop more wood, I think I would be deadly in love with you.
  6. Sadly yes. Only normal logs make the shafts.
  7. Arrow Shafts are extremely good money and collecting a mass amount of them then making arrows is the fastest way to 500m fletching experience. I saw that Fyslan made one for another Private server here http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=113-Fryslan-Arrow-Shaft-Maker and would love to see an ikov edition
  8. As a long time Ikov player, here are the best script ideas i've gotten so far Arrow Shaft Maker Potion Decanter Agility Course Runner Gem Stall Thiever Plank maker Bone Offerer (for those with their own house + Gilded Altar) Bar Maker Pouch Maker Revanent Hunter with pk detection Powerfarmer
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