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  1. The aren't able to be noted but you can sell in your pos.
  2. perfect back up! thank you for the update!
  3. Never a set time it's all down to how long it will take for them to find out how to fix.
  4. You just click search when in area of monster you wanna kill.
  5. Damn great progress man! Yeah I have 3 eagle pets now with 5k nests.
  6. Sadly even though I've deleted cache DS still doesn't work :/
  7. After deleting cache dreamscape still doesn't work?
  8. Hopefully it will be updated soon :)
  9. SawSweg

    Cannot see public chat

    Most up to date java and simply whenever I type or another player types the public chat doesn't show that anyone has sent a message. I'm sure someone has already spoken about this.
  10. SawSweg

    Cannot see public chat

    Why when on Dreamscape I cannot see the public chat and what people say?
  11. Couldn't be any better! Here my pic of progress if you're interested
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