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    Parabot scripts

    I've not compiled any Parabot scripts, but I presume you're talking about compiling .java files to .class files, and I'd suggest you use IntelliJ for that. You'd also need to import the Parabot library.
  2. when i try to login to it says at the top in a red text box "error: you have to wait 15 minutes before you login again" for some reason i cant login to the scripts section and i cant get into the client either. i've cleared my cache etc...
  3. i've logged into the bdn... tried deleting every file of parabot possible and redownloading. and b frosts, and super hunter scripts are still not loading into my client. have they been disabled or something?
  4. for some reason none of the vip and sponsor scripts are loading into my parabot client. i've clicked add on all of them for the ikov server but they will not appear in the scripts menu on the client? if anyone knows the reason and how to fix this that would be great.
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