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  1. 1. If I purchase VIP, does IKOV bot currently work? (12/9/19) 2. What is the current ban rate? 3. I have a hand trained account with decent stats and $100 donated, would you recommend botting this account?
  2. Do you have any current stock? looking for 3b
  3. IKOV isnt on parabot any more is it? I dont see the option
  4. THIS HAS BEEN PURCHASED NOW, Mod please close
  5. I have 70m on RS3 which I'm willing to exchange for IKOV. Will be using a MM. How much IKOV can I get for that? EDIT: Looking to exchange this for 11B IKOV
  6. Follow this tutorial https://www.parabot.org/community/topic/12694-how-to-get-your-password-working/
  7. I'm looking for a VPS / RDP which I can use that can run java applications (Parabot) Not looking to spend more than $20 per month on it. I will be using this to have 10+ bots running all with HQ proxies to maximize profit.
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