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  1. Kuzmin

    Dwarf weed = -1 in Bank

    ​I've cleaned it before with the same script and same id, I don't think that's it Hype.
  2. Kuzmin

    Dwarf weed = -1 in Bank

    In my grimy herb cleaning script, I used to be able to withdraw grimy dwarf weeds and clean them. Now I can't withdraw them even when I hardcode the Menu.sendAction. Has there been an update to the minified API? How should I go about this. (Other herbs work and can be cleaned)
  3. ​Right..I don't care about accessing a bank lol. The QUESTION remains
  4. ​No, but thanks for the great idea
  5. Kuzmin

    Ikov item store API

    Do you mean something like this?..
  6. I am trying to access a shop interface at home and programmatically see which items are there. How can I interact with items in an interface? Thanks!
  7. Sweet release. I am trying to learn how to use it :s
  8. Kuzmin

    Ikov item store API

    I copy and pasted the code from here https://github.com/JKetelaar/JKStore/blob/master/nl/jketelaar/store/example/Core.java AND imported the right api jars into Eclipse, but I still get the following error:
  9. Kuzmin

    Fighter error

    I can't edit my post for some reason, sorry for double post. I implemented scriptsss suggestion (btw love the eFighter) and it works. I have a new problem. I am using a pack yak to store my items and whenever in combat, I get this message: Familiars can only help in combat in multi zones.When the message pops up, I don't see any action happening in cmd. I wonder how can I get rid of this?
  10. Kuzmin

    Fighter error

    private static GroundItem f; private static org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.Npc q;bad naming indeed
  11. Kuzmin

    Fighter error

    Couldn't edit my post for some reason..Credits for Attack Strategy go to @Brings Euphoria.
  12. Kuzmin

    Fighter error

    You're right! How would I go about fixing this code? public class Attack implements Strategy { // credits to BringsEuphoria @Override public boolean activate() { for (org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.Npc n : Npcs .getNearest(frostDragon)) { // Change monster id here. q = n; return n != null && !Players.getMyPlayer().isInCombat() && !n.isInCombat(); } return false; } @Override public void execute() { try { if (q != null && Calculations.distanceBetween(theTile, q.getLocation()) < distance) { q.interact(Npcs.Option.ATTACK); // Change to 1 if 0 doesn't // work. Time.sleep(1000); } } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("Problem with attacking"); } } }
  13. Kuzmin

    Fighter error

    When my attack strategy gets executed, even in try/catch blocks with null checks, I get this error:
  14. Is there a simple way to check if a prayer is activated, and if not, activate a particular one (or set of them)? I took a look at this thread for ideas: https://www.parabot.org/community/topic/12021-checking-if-a-prayer-is-active/ The problem with using JKet's script is that when I copied the code over, there was 1 line that came up as red and I am not sure how to fix it. if ((settings = (int[]) this.core.getDirectSettings()) != null) { return settings; }getDirectSettings() is red Thanks ahead of time :)
  15. Thank you :) Will give this a try
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