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  1. I'm sorry, I'm trying to help you out man and you completely ignore any advances i make to try to help you out.
  2. I do not use or have venmo, I only use btc or rsgp for my transactions
  3. It's not hard for someone to get on a random profile and just screen shot a profile that's why i'm asking if you got a pm from me. otherwise it's not me. I hop on here once in awhile to check if there's been any updates. and i been trying to contact a staff to help me with a rsps i can start botting on but to no avale
  4. I'm sorry you feel that way, I'm just trying to help you out!
  5. That is not my discord add me on discord here: AC Services #5479 I will always ask for a pm here on parabot
  6. Did you get a pm from me through here?
  7. dont pay him ^ add my discord and i'll tell you how
  8. I sold some and made a shit ton from my little army today so i'm at 1.7t stock right now
  9. i got 1.3t for sale still
  10. chocolatecheese01


    I got 895m atm
  11. Does this work with any other servers that parabot supports?
  12. chocolatecheese01


    i can sell you some
  13. Selling 1,386b buying for rsgp prices are negotiable pm or add me on skype pm for skype details
  14. hey i'm selling whats your skype?
  15. I got 3 mg's i hope i am good enough to be able to help test :P
  16. Banned after 3minutes of fishing
  17. I am selling 4.7Q Dreamscape gold for .14/t (or offer) Also I will take rsgp. Gamble Hot&&Cold, Dice-Duel, or flower poker, against your paypal, osrs, or rs3 gp. 1m osrs = 8t 1m rs3 = 1.3t $1 = 8t I gamble you vs. nothing so when/if you win you get x2 "your bet" "your bet" = what you paid in towards.
  18. will sell for cheap hit me up
  19. offer me a price, taking rsgp amazon or paypal. now have 4.7q! been selling to people on ds at .12/t
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