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  1. It's pretty pointless, there are few money making methods and they do things in a custom way (I don't technically know what it means, but I've asked around before, and it'd be difficult to do so). +, the player base is going to shit. They are currently focusing on revamping the BDN, and I hope we get more content for our current servers first.
  2. Why is every RSPS owner named Myles? or Miles or Chuck or Ryan ... ... ... where tf is my diversity????
  3. Circa


    Features: Eating (Just add Food ID) Custom NPC (Add the NPC ID) Changeable Eating HP Doesn't look like it does yet. It'd be hard to implement that, the script is designed to be a basic AIO killer. However, Lord's a scripting God, so I'm sure if you suggested it he'd be open to it.
  4. "Today we're releasing the first beta of Elkoy.This beta includes an unstable version of Elkoy, might having some trouble with bans and stuff." Shut the fuck up.
  5. Circa

    PKHonor Working

    Great news! Thanks for the hard work.
  6. Circa

    [$] Hard Request

    I remember something similar having been done with Ikov, sorry if it's a long stretch haha. The profit potential is insane (last night, a few opportunities slipped from me ...) Going to keep my hopes up though! If any of you are interested, hit me up, we can talk there!
  7. Circa

    [$] Hard Request

    Bumping offer up to $100 CAD for the hooked server + script.
  8. You should try and offer $ if you can, time isn't free.
  9. Not yet, you can suggest it though.
  10. Sounds amazing. Thanks! @tetreeoflife1, thanks for this.
  11. This, it doesn't really hold up as proof. It could be a server posing as a V2 of Ikov, and thus, they would have their staff use the same names as the ones on Ikov for consistency. However, that's just my opinion.
  12. Circa

    Eyyyy long time.

    do this forum shitty and make good scripts <3 pm me, would love to catch up
  13. Circa

    UFOS VoldemortFarmer

    MY FRIEND! You've done it again. Congratulations on another script release, keep pushing these out!
  14. Circa

    Eyyyy long time.

    i rmb you welcome home!
  15. Old Ikov scripts wouldn't work, and developers would also have to see if it can be supported first. It'd be better if you edited your post using the given format, that way it'd be easy to gauge whether the server is worth looking into.
  16. Circa

    UFOS Flame Pernix Farmer

    This looks amazing friend, proud of you. Congratulations on the release! Send me a PM, let's talk.
  17. Have minigun + 4Q cash, PM hm you want to pay.
  18. Circa

    [$] Hard Request

    BUMP! Please send me a PM if you think you can take it on!
  19. PM me, I can help you get setup.
  20. This. SoulSplit is basically invincibility. Would make for less work (no need to eat).
  21. Looks very promising, GUI looks detailed and well-designed. Excited for this my friend!
  22. Circa

    [$] Hard Request

    I'd much prefer to keep this information private, for my own safety. If you're interested in this, let's talk through PM.
  23. Circa

    [$] Hard Request

    Please let me know if this request is against the rules, I'll happily edit the post. Posting here because I'm unsure of where this would belong, I figured this is the most suitable sub. This is a serious request. I'm willing to pay considerable $ (CAD) as I understand this involves considerable work. Without revealing too much, I am looking for: A server to be hooked, 1-2 scripts that function perfectly, I will explain these in depth to whoever has decided to take up the job Regular maintenance of server provider (for this, i will pay a small monthly fee such as $5). A talented and professional coder, who can maintain open communication. Please let me know if anybody can / is willing to do this, Hoping to do business!
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