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  1. I'm getting the same error, it's just a patience thing at this point 🙂
  2. Peard


    What server are you trying to run?
  3. @Aprilz That's awesome, I'm still getting the, "Error Connecting to Server," when trying to use DS via Parabot. Any tips?
  4. I think Dreamscape just broke again the day before yesterday. Needs an update. @mcstore anytime the DS Client while open in the PB client tells you it needs updated you'll need to clear the Cache for Parabot in your Documents directory. The easiest way to do this is open the Parabot program, and before logging in click, "Features," clear cache. If it persists after that it DS's most recent update probably broke Parabot - and it needs updated.
  5. @Aprilz are you actively able to use the DS Parabot client atm?
  6. Dreamscape regularly works, they had an update 2 days ago so it's just a bad time to check in. A little patience goes a long way!
  7. I'm stuck with 2.8.1, tried the above posted by @GANGANG - specifically "java -jar client-2.8.1.jar -clearcache" but it still just displays that the client has since been updated. Any easy fix?
  8. Peard


    Awesome, excited for the update!
  9. Peard


    Hey guys long time no post, Is DreamScape currently a maintained server for Parabot? Tried out a couple scripts today and they're hit or miss. A classic Lord Killing Pro that's always worked by @Lord was giving me fits for the first time, and refused to start. Was just hoping to see if the server is still being kept alive or if you've all moved past it!
  10. Lord's a monster to say the least. It's really something else to see staff this responsive and transparent! Hope you keep it up, I know we all appreciate it ^^
  11. No problem! Glad you got it working, hope it serves you well ;)
  12. Currently on Parabot DreamScape is receiving the most attention in the form of updates and new script content. That said, all the staff is hard at work putting out new material and does their best to respond to server AND script requests in a timely manner, so the possibilities are endless!
  13. Peard

    LordKilling Pro

    Most likely :( I just fired up the script and tested it to make sure it works. Can you just verify a few things for me? One, please let me know the server you're trying to use. Two, the text boxes where you supply "Food," and "Loot," need to have supplied values to work. If you don't need to loot or use any food, simply input "0" into these two fields! Hopefully that'll remedy your problem - if not, please let us know the server you're having trouble getting it to run on, your specific GUI settings, and a ss of the prompt when trying to start up the script. Best of luck!
  14. After purchasing the script did you go back through the BDN and add it to your profile?
  15. You're absolutely right, and as a result the guide section of Parabot has a ton of well written guides for everyone to use! That said, in the case that I'm mistaken and there is not one - or that it's out of date, I'll do my best to explain it here! Creating a batch file is as easy as - 1. Right click your desktop, and hover over the, "New..." function popout. On that pop-out, you should see "Text Document." Clicking this will open a new, blank text document. This will be our work space. 2. In this blank text document, you have the ability to list specific parameters that the client will follow when the text document is saved as a, "batch file." 3. For the purpose of this short tutorial - as the poster above recommended testing, we will input, "java -jar parabot.jar -dev" into the document. 4. We will then click File>Save As> and provide the File Name: "run.bat" and change the Save as type: "All Files" 5.On your desktop, you should now see a white box, with a translucent cog in the middle - otherwise known as a batch file. 6. After that, you will download the Parabot client from the main website. After that, you will need to navigate to Documents, on your computer to where the Parabot client is saved. You will rename the client to, "parabot". 7. Finally, you will drag your newly created, "run," batch file into the, "Parabot," folder in Documents. ****NOTE - Do not try to put the batch file inside of the parabot client file, it simply needs to be in the Parabot FOLDER. 8. Now that you've successfully moved your "run," file into your Parabot folder, you should be able to double click the, "run," file. ***additional information - If you'd like to access this run file from the desktop, simply right click your run file in Documents, and create a shortcut that you can place on the desktop. BOTH the, "run," file and, "parabot," client must be present in Documents.
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