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  1. ok sorry for the ignorance. But is this because the eThiever script doesn't have that sort of anti ban coded in yet? like if the script had antiban which would move the screen, it would be fine?
  2. oh wow. I didn't know they had a system like that... so they know if the keys are being pressed by a command rather than hardware?
  3. how does using arrow keys help?
  4. nice man! would love to see this finished
  5. coolpopo

    osrs Ahk Help

    get the max/min xy coords of each slot and use a random generator function for each parameter
  6. lol why call out ppl in your own community o.O
  7. You don't need a script for that, the thieving scripts already have a delay between thieves. I just took a look at a couple free thieving scripts and it basically waits until your character isn't doing anything to steal from the stall again. So under my assumption, those scripts would be detectable.
  8. It's possible that you were reported which is doubtful since there's a ton of level 3's and i doubt someone would take the time to file a reports for all the bots. Since you mention that there was no mod, it's possible they implemented some mock bot detection system where they track the packet you sent and if subsequent packets (same actions) are being sent on the exact same time intervals an arbitrary number of times (maybe 10) they would ban you. It's plausible since there's a lot of variables which prevents packets being sent in the exact same time intervals (ping, packet loss, etc.) which could explain why not all the bots are being instantly banned. This is based on the assumption that the thieving scripts are preforming the "steal" action right after the animation ends or if you get an item in your inventory rather than a random sleep interval. This is my guess.
  9. coolpopo


    SUPPORT. This server is so hyped up. 700 users on the forums on the day of release after a 17 day delay from the original "planned release". They just have to fix their connection issues
  10. it was deleted for ethical reasons. One should be coming out soon though.
  11. open up your terminal and type the following and press enter after every line cd parabot open . (note the period after open) your parabot directory should open up and now create a new text file in that folder and put the following inside (make sure your parabot.jar is in the folder, if it's not in the folder, then move it in and rename it to parabot.jar): java -jar parabot,jar -loadlocal save it as run.sh now in your terminal type sh run.sh your parabot should open and you'll be able to load local scripts. From now on, you can just open your terminal and do the following: cd parabot sh run.sh and it will open your parabot with access to local scripts.
  12. Compiling guide This is for winrar any other extracting software will work too This will work for all scripts that are open source Step 1. Go to documents -> parabot folder (Download the parabot client from the homepage) and move it here (the parabot folder) step 2. create new text file and copy and paste this: @echo off java -jar -noverify parabot.jar -loadlocal pause rename that file to run.bat, make sure it's a batch file. Your parabot folder should look like this: http://gyazo.com/63ca8b08d8e77a2b1647ae2fac9c03ee step 3. Download the parabot api 317 minified here: http://bdn.parabot.org/docs/ download the parabot 317 api minified. step 4. Go to the GitHub repo that's usually in every script thread under downloads. This is an example script. step 5. extract the zip you downloaded to desktop step 6. visit the online compiler website http://www.innovation.ch/java/java_compile.html Numbers correspond to the order of actions (obviously) press open after you select everything step 7. parabot,jar is the bot client you download at home page step 8. click jar file 2. and open the parabot api minified jar then COMPILE. step 9. Download the zip step 10. Create a new folder on your desktop, name it whatever you wish, extract the contents of the zip to it and then move that folder toparabot -> scripts -> compiled. step 11. HIT RUN AND YOU SHOULD HAVE THE SCRIPT.
  13. thanks definitely helpful
  14. they've started to go Nazi mode on the bot busting. They probably ::viewbank and if you look suspicious... BANNED.
  15. i'm curious how you obtained that many blue charms that it requires you to have a script for this o.o
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