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  1. Ahh all you lovely script writers, moderators, and administrators sticking up for the client and saying it's non detectable.... Sigh...... InB4InfractionFor"Spam"
  2. You cheap noob shoulda got the sponsor rank Kappa
  3. You could do problemas to be honest I'm not 100% sure
  4. No they just need that incase you chargeback.
  5. Cool idea to be honest... I'd like to see this you could be like the next CustomGrow420
  6. xD you sound angry... I say nothing wrong besides the truth people just hate me for it.
  7. I would say something but I'll get a restriction for saying the truth :(
  8. Thanks for this! :D Yes these are signatures that I have made for people and there on my portfolio.
  9. Ye YE DUH TITLE!!! :D Just comment your skypes, if you are more trusted then me I'll be going first. I'm buying like 20-25B Ikov & just as much near reality as I can :D
  10. That made my day. Also... I don't see why you hate me xD because it honestly is not my fault that I point out the obvious when I say that the client is detectable and that you should PROBABLY update it. Also when David bans you there is no unbanning. Just stating a fact
  11. Nobody f*cks with David's ban.... dun dun dunnnn xD
  12. Funny, how I made this post like a week ago and even a moderator said the clients are detectable.. ... But that's none of my business
  13. Good prices, will check out in the future. Person above me might as well use Cyberghost xD
  14. Pretty sure there is one in the Scripts BDN
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