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  1. Teflo

    Dreamscape load stuck

    Been like this for a while
  2. Teflo


    I have an issue using parabot with near-reality. It says requesting title screen, even though i've followed @Lord's steps I get it. Anyone else?
  3. Herblore script, something like Kush potion maker
  4. It wont show up in my scripts folder.
  5. For some reason it wont appear on my bot client
  6. I could try that yes, does it support NR?
  7. Thanks bud, but tbh magic would be way better.
  8. Teflo

    Near reality

    Thanks. That worked perfectly :)
  9. Teflo

    Near reality

    "Requesting title screen"
  10. Is there any working or will there be any working scripts for near reality?
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