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  1. works fine but my accs keep logging out after 1 hour of playing ish any fix? could u make so the bot loggs in by it self if it gets logged out or?
  2. low level do i need to be a special lvl for it to work?
  3. yes the ones near edge bank dont get any error messegas the script just dosnt thievie for me :/
  4. dont know if im doing anything wrong but when i start the script by the stalls nothing happens exept after litle while my screen freezes
  5. for me it simply just dosnt mine what location should i use it at? tried skilling area
  6. edward


    will parabot start working ever aigan i remmember when it worked and was popular in the ikov days but now it seems like its just left to die
  7. edward

    Just qurious

    so is there any one making bots for elkoy or is evry 1 using their scripts for private use only? i remmember when i used this to bot on old ikov was so nice so im kinda sad if there wont be any bots:/ sorry for posting this after server been out for only like 1-2 weeks not sure :x
  8. since elkoy just released there is a little bit of hype around it but do any 1 have any ETA if u you are going to support elkoy rsps
  9. ive been using it for cooking fletching (bows) and a few other skills but u have to be creative.
  10. there is no bot for osrune i think the closest to botting u can come is mouse recorder hehe xd..... It is possible to make a bot but the time you need to put into making the bot i dont think bot creators think its worth it :/ and its wery hard to do its so yeah. there is many posts suggesting this check em out and read the reasons
  11. So i wanna swap /sell (prefer swapping for a rpsp acc) my EUW diamond account. I want a good maxed acc with bank and stuff since i not too long ago came back to rsps i dont really know what server to play so thats why i wanna swap it for a good rsps acc. dont matter what server as long as server is popular. We will use Official Parabot middleman if we gonna swap or W/e we gonna do. pm/comment offers with stats and proof of owning that acc u offer me. Screenie of proof: https://gyazo.com/a764e07084f350748b0beea5dfbc3bc9 Acc is Dia 4 atm. All skins: https://gyazo.com/1daf228b922da469ca4cd3a89f994d1c got atleast 30+ skins on this acc. Sorry forum staff if i posted this thread in the wrong place or anything just let me know in that case!
  12. edward


    So a few weeks ago this new server released called OsRune. This server is very big atm and has 200+ players on everyday and i think it has lots of potencial. I searched around and i didnt find any bots to the server atm so i thought why not make a post about it on Parabot. (http://www.osrune.com/index.php) link to the server. Since i dont know much about coding and how to hook a server i basicly dont know anything about making bots. I was wondering if any coder here could make a bot/bots for the server. (i know it may cost money) So is there any one on here that could possibly make a bot or bots to this rsps it would be really awsome and if so you can make lots of money since it will be one of the only bots for that rsps out atm. (i dont rlly know how long it takes to make a script) Btw i was thinking something like a killing bot that scanns the area for monster then kill them or just skilling bots like woodcutting and such. Keep in mind this was just an idea that i thought of and dont hate on my bad text :P
  13. if u do have some accs just let me know :)
  14. tell me what u want for it im interested
  15. so i am looking to buy some rsps accounts. Since a rsps i used to play shutdown i cant be bother starting fresh on a new rsps. I am looking for accounts/account on any decent rsps (i dont want anything to do with custom rsps) i would prefer if it would be a good pk honor account but let me see what kind of accounts u guys are willing to sell. As i said i dont mind what rsps it is as long as it is a good acc. We will use middleman! add my skype: edward.henning3
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