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  1. Hello and welcome i am venturing from not only Middle Manning but to buying and Selling stock for OSRS/RS3 And All Major RSPS. I will be accepting payment methods of OSRS/Crypto/UKBT/Cash APP/Paypal. Currently Buying Stock For: OSRS RS3 SPAWN PK RUNEWILD ROATZ RUNE X Currently Selling Stock For: OSRS RS3 RUNE X Runewild Please contact me either VIA here on Parabot or through discord i will attach a photo below of my discord and we can discuss Rates/Prices. Please always confirm through discord i am actually ueax, I will send you a pm on here no problem.
  2. Ill happily talk to you regarding an offer, Please add my Discord.
  3. Well, What do i say. I quit RSPS/Runescape for a while but you always end up coming back. I will be active on the forum daily and be happy to help with any questions or other things. Im also re-opening my Free middleman service which will be in the Middleman service section, Looking forward to getting to speak to you all again and getting active around the community and forum. Ueax 🙂
  4. I have just returned back to Parabot after quitting Runescape/RSPS for a while. I am back to offering all free middleman services as stated above for all RSPS/Runescape. I am looking forward to enhancing my feedback and getting back onto parabot.
  5. Thanks for the update wishy, People will definitely appreciate it.
  6. You must use a middleman as you are not 10 Feedback, It's in the rules.
  7. Ueax

    Runique Shop 07

    Please remember to use a Middleman until 10 feedback, Happy trading!
  8. Wrong section this should be in blackmarket > accounts > sell @EmmaStone
  9. Ueax

    Selling 2 Osrs accounts.

    Remove the usernames of the accounts because they will most likely be banned by jagex staff members they do watch the forums.
  10. Just to confirm it is me http://prntscr.com/awqmr9
  11. Not really worth trying to guess a pin several times tbh.
  12. I can read it was just 4am at the time and i was more concerned about people posting things to keep everyone safe.
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