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  1. hows the bot now guys? is it worth buying now or still broke?
  2. Well ok.. Thats what i said above, the issue is only present for extreme donor accounts. It works fine for non donor at ::wc Only issue Im facing is sometimes the scripts idles away, while the status shows "cutting tree". Please fix? il try to get the log for you.
  3. "Null". Thats it. For over an hour. (Happens only with an extreme donor account trying to cut at ::wc. Non donor accounts work fine)
  4. sure, managed to get that log for you.. new response:5 Saved. 94392 188 14213 257 1421 416 11826 498 7978 537 10549, true 10550, true 10805, true 10806, true 11061, true 11062, true 76523 592 80163 1500 68990 2884 94353 3894 29048, 10815 button: 17764, toggle: -1, type: 135 91237 4025 stuck here since an hour...
  5. Hi .. runs kinda okay but still needs work. Here are my suggestions: 1) The script is idling a lot at mystic words for my extreme donor account. it once chopped a single tree and idled for 8 hours -.-.. please fix!! ill try to get the cmd log for you the next time i play. 2) on a laggy connection, the script fails, as it tries to tele to ::wc too fast.. so it teles, arrives at ::wc, then when "dreamscape loading" comes on for too long (due to slow/laggy connection) the script teles to ::wc again,after arriving to ::wc, wasting time. Kindly look into this. Thanks and cheers for the overall script!
  6. cheers! will test and post proggie later!
  7. Hi emma figured out the cmd log. Here it is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive at java.util.Random.nextInt(Unknown Source) at K.execute(CutTree.java:47) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.StrategyWorker.execute(Frameworks.java:55) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script.run(Script.java:118) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Please fix asap... it randomly stops working and idles a lot at mystic woods 😕
  8. sure, but tell me how to do that 😛 also, script is idling away a lot at 'mystic zone'.. (non ext account)
  9. hey emma, the bug seems to be fixed! sweet... thanks... Something else i encountered: I came back after an hour of execution and saw the script turned off with my character idling... look into it pl0x... Cheers glad i could help
  10. Hi emma great script. Although the new update is very buggy. I got an ext donor account and I start the script at the ext zone. It cuts fine for the first inv, but then teles to ::wc and continues from there. Kindly fix
  11. Is dreamscape client updated now? It wont load for me and is stuck at pair.class.. Please help
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