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  1. Hi there. In the past I used to be able to retrieve and set class variables by retrieving the Client's ClassLoader ( Loader.getClient().getClass().getClassLoader() ). However, whenever I try to do this now, a security measure seems to block the request. How would I go about changing a variable in a different class? Is this even possible? Currently trying to do it to change a version-number, like I did in the past: Thanks in advance!
  2. Updated this script! Sorry for the delay guys, haven't been on in quite a while. The right fields are adressed and the script should work perfectly. If there are any more errors I'll be glad to help!
  3. Script now works again! Fixed the bug.
  4. Hmm, I currently don't have access to my PC (due to it being defected). When I get it back I'll surely look into this, sorry for the inconvience!
  5. It currently only supports the best workbench. If you give me the IDs for the lower tier ones I'll be sure to put em in.
  6. Currently there are not many people scripting for PkH; most Script Writers are focussed on Ikov, and are not likely to change that. It's pretty shitty to see the BDN only have 10 scripts, when loads of scripts are here on the forums; which, I assume, only 20% sees and uses.
  7. Thank you! Glad to hear you're enjoying the script!
  8. I have one laying around. It only supports the workbench in a POH though, and banks at a butler. ttps://gist.github.com/RandomKendal/59835ab1846b954b162b If there are changes you want to see; feel free to hit me up! Best of luck botting!
  9. One that uses Superheat, or just a furnace? I might be able to help ya' out!
  10. Don't mix the two contents; just one will work (preferably the new one). Or just try: java -jar -noverify Parabot-V2.1.3.jar -loadlocalif you want to use the Debug Mode. Goodluck!
  11. Acknowledgement is crucial when it comes to doing something for free. I fully understand how it demotivates you when you don't get thanked/any feedback on the scripts you release for free. Partially understand the lack of feedback though; a large sum of users tend to stay away from the forums, seeing as they just want to use the bots and have no idea on how the forums operate. Still hurts to see such a great script get that little appreciation.
  12. Great updates as always.
  13. Hmm, never thought the mining animation wouldn't overwrite the afk animation. I'll look into this. Thank you very much for your proggy though!
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