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  1. i have a bunch of ikov gold i am looking to sell so comment skypes and we can talk about rates or trades, open to all offers pm me swindrl123 @ skype
  2. hey im looking for a good vpn hider that works with ikov unlimited voting. i wasnt sure where to post this. an ikov vote bot would work better though :D but just looking for an easy to use vpn hide program that is free!
  3. ganjaintake

    need help compiling

    i need help compiling an ikov script im new to this kind of thing, any help would be appreciated pm skype swindrl123 please and thanks!
  4. good post well organized, hope your business goes well. seems legit and safe will use in near future
  5. or check your email i was having this problem untill i checked and i had a new one in my email i hadnt noticed.
  6. would this work for bug abuse ban
  7. hey i just join osrs-ps and not sure if i likke it or not so im looking for small amount ofgp to start off with pm me rates for 07 or pp
  8. you can stake with this www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5ST1FTjZNY
  9. did mm service was very helpful it was my first deal and he made it quick and easy. couldnt of done it with out him

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