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  1. Uhm, i deleted the cache and everything and it is making a weird map inside my documents.
  2. Thank you ! Should i keep running it in Sandboxie?
  3. You're goddamn right!
  4. I am using Sandboxie and i am running 24/7 for 7 days straight now, still no bans. Don't blame the bot if you don't have the required knowledge.
  5. Sorry man can't help you further with that part. I use Windows.
  6. Try using Sandboxie. It really helps.
  7. Damn, can you post the picture links? Would love it!
  8. And why is that? I don't care about any banning so.
  9. Runned it over night, got a message sayig that i was logged out and i cant relog on both accounts. Going to try again and will provide my post with a screen.
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