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  1. Kyle

    Can't Start Scripts

    Everyone is having this issue. just wait for an update.
  2. Kyle

    Script "Creats its own path"? [Rs2006]

    we are trying to learn. when you learned how to walk did you ask your parents if you could walk like them? No you just did as they did until you learned how to do it on your own. so just chill. we are only learning. its really not a big deal.
  3. Kyle

    Script "Creats its own path"? [Rs2006]

    range i dont understanding why ur bugging on everyone? this is a botting COMMUNITY none of us are making any gains from editing one of your scripts to our liking. get over yourself. stop being so serious.
  4. i have a yew cutter script, i made it for NR but it may work for 2006. Its only in alpha though. still working on things. ill make a thread for it.
  5. Kyle

    [Request] A guide for compiling scripts in Eclipse

    clisprail helped me out. i was adding the actual java file rather then the class files.
  6. Kyle

    [Request] A guide for compiling scripts in Eclipse

    i added the java file. the one that was created in the project folder eclipse made for my project
  7. Kyle

    [Request] A guide for compiling scripts in Eclipse

    cmd just says the normal load for NR
  8. Kyle

    [Request] A guide for compiling scripts in Eclipse

    so i added my java file to Documentsparabotscriptscompiled but when i run parabot in dev mode nothing shows up in the script select menu. Probably because i am not doing this right. In eclipse i started a new project. Added Parabot.jar and the created a new class. That class i put in the VarrockMiner script. saved it. then copies that to the compiled script folder. Where am i going wrong?
  9. Kyle

    [Request] A guide for compiling scripts in Eclipse

    Made a new account, I saved it as a java class file. But what am i finding the location of? then how am i building it and what classes?
  10. Kyle

    Hello :)

    hello :D
  11. I am trying to compile a basic script I made. I am not understanding how to compile in general. I am new to scripting and would to like to learn more. So if anyone would nice enough to make a Tut for compiling scripts. Thanks.