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    same issue
  2. Selling PkHonor and Dreamscape gold! Selling for 07 gold only. 400k/b for pkhonor 4m/q for Dreamscape Pm me here or Add my Discord: Cools#4166
  3. Rb44


    DS got updated again today, parabot just needs to update with it, itll be updated soon. He will get to it when he can.
  4. I tried to remove the trusted, not exactly sure how to tbh. Do it for me please... I have quite a bit of rep from years past, i guess 5-10 vouches and sponsor rank isn't enough for you guys smh...
  5. Been around for quite some time. Just don't post much, but yeah i'm cool with a middleman.
  6. ~Ya boi is back at it again with the PKH Gold Shop~ This thread will be your one stop gold shop for your pkhonor needs! Current rates: $0.3-$0.4/b OR 300-400k/b! Stock: 2t+ Pm me or you can contact me through skype at "Craazyranger"
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