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  1. Rb44

    LordKilling Pro

    same issue
  2. Selling PkHonor and Dreamscape gold! Selling for 07 gold only. 400k/b for pkhonor 4m/q for Dreamscape Pm me here or Add my Discord: Cools#4166
  3. Rb44

    [SERVER UPDATE] Dreamscape Updated

    Thank you
  4. Rb44

    Need VPN

    lol goodluck
  5. Rb44


    DS got updated again today, parabot just needs to update with it, itll be updated soon. He will get to it when he can.
  6. Rb44

    [Dreamscape] Updated!

    stuck on loading
  7. Rb44

    {Selling} DreamScape Gold {Cheap Deals}

    its roughly 4m per 1q lol
  8. Rb44

    Pkhonor Gold for sale

    sent a pm
  9. Rb44

    Selling PkHonor gold! ~Sponsor~

    I tried to remove the trusted, not exactly sure how to tbh. Do it for me please... I have quite a bit of rep from years past, i guess 5-10 vouches and sponsor rank isn't enough for you guys smh...
  10. Rb44

    Selling PkHonor gold! ~Sponsor~

    Been around for quite some time. Just don't post much, but yeah i'm cool with a middleman.
  11. Rb44

    Selling PkHonor gold! ~Sponsor~

    ~Ya boi is back at it again with the PKH Gold Shop~ This thread will be your one stop gold shop for your pkhonor needs! Current rates: $0.3-$0.4/b OR 300-400k/b! Stock: 2t+ Pm me or you can contact me through skype at "Craazyranger"