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  1. When you log in youre in empty edgeville.
  2. Please make os-scape bot for thieving chests at lvl 50 wild

  3. GTX 970 Windforce 3x Intel core I5-4590 250GB SSD 1000GB HDD 8GB Ram
  4. Yah, its on 40% now with 3 - 4 bots
  5. NVM, i had my pc running for like 7 hours and it started getting laggy.
  6. Just to let you know i have gtx 970 windforce 3x graphics card Also script was minimal thieving
  7. Please help i have intel core i5-4590!
  8. Thanks! first time ever i had my bot run for 30 minutes and going!
  9. How i use it? why just not put script at bdn and make it ez
  10. banned in 7 mins
  11. KK, i randomised the mac, now i suppose i last atleast 15+ mins without getting banned
  12. Cant use minimal thiever for more than 9 mins and banned.
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