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  1. How to play Roat on The powerbot Client or how to add it is it possible ?
  2. Yes i want i t to if can i will buy vip where is minimal https://github.com/Minimal-parabot/MinimalDungeoneering
  3. Lostq


    and bro, when do you think to add the provider in the servers of ikov ? I can't see it yet
  4. Lostq


    me want dung script please
  5. we want the old ikov provider like it was, + the scripts of minimal, and dung, frost dragon looter, thieving etc
  6. Lostq


    We wait!!
  7. Lostq


    Yes please. add thieve stall, and dungeoneering script
  8. yo, the script efighter where is the download link

  9. a script for soulplay combat killer killing npc / eating/ banking
  10. Where i download this script ?
  11. can you make it, that the money goes to pouch, and replace the gaurd mothod with ::market / ::home should be better
  12. thanks, works I have a question can we use multiple accounts ? Or does it freeze at soulplay
  13. I have downloaded parabot.. \ and have problem with almost every provider https://ibb.co/fNEqoR https://ibb.co/nQz6TR https://ibb.co/iBuC2m https://ibb.co/iKYi8R dreamscape works.
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