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  1. So I started to download the parabot client and it finished. I tried logging in and it said that my password was incorrect, even though I just changed it. How do I log into the parabot client if I know that my information is correct even though it is saying that it is not?
  2. oooo I c, and yes, I have been banned, but never IP banned.
  3. No, I cannot log in with their client. Here as an image of what is going on http://imgur.com/EKroARB
  4. Tbh, I don't know how to take a screenshot, and what do you mean by "can you log in with the regula client" like do you mean their client?
  5. I did that, but it still gets stuck at "connecting to server..."
  6. Erm, can you explain to me how to do that? Sorry, I'm very newbie :/.
  7. I did everything,I can get onto the actual client and everything, but when I try to login with any name, it just stays stuck at the "connecting to server" screen and does not do anything. I know that I connected because my run.bat says "Connecting to server, Connected to server". What is happening?
  8. With the new "BDN" I have never know how to "do it like a normal script", so if you could help me with this, that would be great.
  9. I did but it still doesnt word
  10. i cannot either and i did everything
  11. Are you saying that parabot will be updated this week?
  12. Hey guys, I am a new member and I would like to use your bot. I tried using it but Pkhonor has been updated ad I can not use the bot. Can I get an estimate on when it will be back? I was about to pay for a script but then I tried logging in and it said it has been updated. Please tell me when this will be updated?
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