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  1. Wishy, I added you on skype, messaged you loads, yet you still are not responding. What is going on?
  2. I have already pmed wishy like 5 times, been trying to contact him for days, he does not respond. Looking for someone who will respond.
  3. Hey, selling some Deadman Mode GP for oldschool gp. Reply to this topic if you are interested.
  4. I added you and sent you messages. If it's easier when I get back tell me your rsn
  5. I added you and messaged you several times, you don't seem to be responding. I am out of town now till Sunday night though so hopefully we can do it then.
  6. Ok, well I still want to sell so why aren't you responding?
  7. I messaged you, and I am interested in selling please respond ASAP
  8. therealking

    Deadman Mode

    Wishy, I messaged you on skype! I have been trying to contact you. I want to sell it
  9. therealking

    Deadman Mode

    Does anyone play deadman mode or have an interest in buying Deadman mode gp? This is not a selling post I would just like to see if people are even interested. Let me know in a comment if your interested
  10. Does anyone still play this anymore? Let me know what league your in if you do.
  11. Favorite song is Inception - By logic
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