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  1. oh my bad too much beer :P
  2. @scriptss what is pming him gonna do? just curious dont wanna waste anyones time :P
  3. ya i miss it, was a really nice bot when it worked =\
  4. his script works its the client thats not hooked, all any1 can do is wait for it to be fixed
  5. thewolfgirl


    u the one they kept talkin about?
  6. thewolfgirl


    only because rspservers are free-ish, i think its awesome that there are some rs3 pservers, i like all versions of runescape im not stuck in the past like 30% of people(you and all eoc haters) lol <3 that being said im probably gonna check out that server :P
  7. thewolfgirl


    33 =3 hope i win
  8. hello, imm lookin to pay a scripter to make me a private bot for PKH just message me for more details,
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