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  1. Is Ikov working at all atm? When I try to sign in on the parabot client it immediately says my account is disabled but using the same account details i log in just fine with ikov launcher. What can I do to fix this?
  2. Name: Liam Requirements: To withdraw a set number of items from bank and use them on said bank, bank the product Detailed Explaination: Using the item on the bank gives you a steel armour set. The platebodies can be sold for 200k ea.
  3. Alright. What does the Mule/Trade option mean on EThieving? does that just mean it'll trade the money to another account when it reached the gold amount I put in?
  4. I wish I had money for the better scripts :L Do I literally just open up multiple Parabot's or is there an easier way?
  5. Which free Ikov script is the best profit?
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