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  1. Any ETA on when the client will be updated?
  2. Will there be a post to signal when the server is working again? Thank you for the helpful responses!
  3. Oh well. I guess I wasted $7.50 lol
  4. I bought VIP for the Ikov server yesterday. Any ETA on when it will be back up?
  5. I know this post is old but feel free to message me your skype I am interested!
  6. I am an avid player on Runique and a programmer fluid in the Java language. I was wondering when/if the Runique server will be supported again. I am very interested in purchasing VIP to both play with and create scripts for Runique. Could anyone reply with an estimate on when/if this will happen. Thank you!
  7. Amount you are selling: 5b Have You Added Me on Skype: yes Your Skype: metocool123 Are you willing to leave feedback/vouch: yes
  8. I'll make one for free, it would take 5 minutes. But I can't right now. I am going to sleep. Add me on Skype: metocool123. I can do it tomorrow.
  9. bumppy5

    New servers

    Do these servers share the same API? Also, when will they be introduced to the client. Looking forward to writing scripts for them!
  10. Honestly learn how to write your own scripts. That's what I did.
  11. I can do it add me on Skype Metocool123
  12. Yeah I agree, I bought a script called eDragons, then the next day it was gone. This is very bad practice for the site.
  13. bumppy5

    I'm Back :D

    Pretty cool. Add me on skype if you have any questions. I am still relatively new to the api, but I know a good amount about Java. Skype: metocool123
  14. bumppy5

    Buying ikov gold!

    My skype is "Metocool123" I have about 10b for sale right now.
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