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  1. Any chance there is a mod in the map?
  2. 1.6 Added Cannonball support for smithing tele.
  3. i will take a look into it!
  4. The problem was a missing hook of pkhonor. Problem should be solved now!
  5. sorry guys i will take a look in to it as soon as possible (on vacation atm)
  6. Runique clients is vip only.
  7. Looks good! You might want to create packages for strategies and so on to keep it organized ( just a suggestion :) )
  8. You are using the old API try using the new one. http://bdn.parabot.org/data/providers/Parabot-317-API-Minified.jar
  9. thekushstyle

    Roast Me.

    you're either a very ugly man or a very handsome fish.
  10. nice ! <3
  11. i will take a look into it, thanks for reporting. --Edit: Works fine without a problem for me.
  12. I will add this when i got time!
  13. Just tested it and everything just works fine for me. Do you have your java updated?
  14. Which potion u choose? I need more information since i don't have any problems.
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