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  1. I'm sorry if that offended you, i know it's a far fetch... But maybe someone knew how to do it, and wanted to make a little money for their scripting abilities, while PKHonor is down on the Parabot client. :) Me myself don't know how to do it, but i know Parabot has some talented scripters.
  2. I did look a little there, but it seems like the RSPS section is quite inactive :)
  3. Hello everybody, i have previously had success with botting OS-Scape using Simba scripts, and want to move on to PKHonor as i see the potential in it. If any of you guys have/can make scripts for pkhonor, hit me up ;)
  4. I'd like to buy an account off you - added skype
  5. Looking for a max/near max PKHonor account, don't care where it came from, but if it's recovered you're responsible. hit me up
  6. Hello there! I'm buying PKHonor gold for 250k/b osrs gp add my skype [email protected]
  7. hey im selling 100b pkhonor gp add my skype [email protected] :) we can do increments or use a middleman
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