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  1. cyanic

    imagine ps

    Takes time to hook a server only a few people know how to In this community you can always try to learn
  2. Something black ? What you need that’s black
  3. Saying it needs more people why not learn and do it then ?
  4. No hooks released from you still? What’s taking you so long...
  5. Well get to it ! If you don’t know? Learn if you can’t stop complaining
  6. Source/project has always been open you're welcome to contribute to make it work (:
  7. What's the error explain
  8. I've sent you guides on how to hook servers (: you just never responded to me only moderators are Emmastone and lord
  9. For combat I'm fairly sure every one uses lord killer pro https://www.parabot.org/community/topic/16979-lordkilling-pro/
  10. No one needs permission to write scripts or hook a server.. nor do you need a name... here is a guide, goodluck https://parabot.atlassian.net/wiki/plugins/servlet/mobile?contentId=2981896#content/view/2981896
  11. cyanic

    Atlas #163 PS

    The way the client is made it can't run it
  12. cyanic

    Atlas #163 PS

    We don't support osrs revision servers
  13. Anyone can update the client it's not exactly an easy task else we'd have a few people doing it You're more then welcome to learn and do it for us :D we use slack pm lord
  14. Out dated at the moment
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