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  1. I was wondering how many post id need to be able to make a topic in the PkHonor gold section! Im selling quite a bit but my topic is now locked do to the wrong section.
  2. Lovey


    hopefully soon man, be cool if it was.
  3. did deleting your folder work?
  4. Lovey

    Ueax@ is one hell of a MM! I just started selling PkHonor gold on this site and hes been there for every transaction! Hes also never to far away from skype, and never takes long to get back with me. He honestly should charge. Hes smooth. He reminds me of a actual gold site.  Props bud!

  5. i only have tickets. 6m rsgp for 15 tiks 5m* im sorry
  6. Are you available now? ueax i need you for 2 transactions please.
  7. I was unaware of that, thank you bud.
  8. (I am NEW to this site, so I will use a middle man in-till i gain respect) I have a total of around 300-350b to sell. Mostly tickets and customs, but i do have a magic stone as well. Paypal- $0.75 Per Bill Osrs- 2.5b Per 1m gp. -Message me on Skype or send me a PM on fourms- Thank you! SKYPE NAME- PkHonor_Gold_Shop
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