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  1. Yeah that could be true, thanks for your input
  2. He contacted me, assuming from parabot because thats the only spot I placed my discord tag
  3. ill just hope staff on this site takes care of you
  4. Name of the Suspect : Chocolatecheese01 or Austin Raitz Link to the suspect's profile: https://www.parabot.org/community/profile/39682-chocolatecheese01/ Discord/Email: https://gyazo.com/9a037157395b746e5823694de83615d9 (You must provide a screenshot of the suspects Discord Name/Email) Discord Profile: https://gyazo.com/9a037157395b746e5823694de83615d9 (You must provide a screenshot of the suspects Skype Profile) Type of trade: Venmo money ($16.50) for PkHonor gold estimated to be 40b+ (Example: 07 account for PayPal) Proof of scam: (Include chat logs, Pics of the trade going on etc.) https://gyazo.com/6f278b924288b0ebc7bc41559ff7cbcc https://gyazo.com/0a53b89603fd4467b39ad70747cc273f https://gyazo.com/0c8d453d296bc41896afd7bcd3c53902 Redpelt #7499 MaxGoldNMZ Search This is the beginning of your direct message history with @MaxGoldNMZ. Redpelt08/17/2019 Hey pkhonor gold? MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 yupp how much you looking for atm Redpelt08/17/2019 How much do you have I’m a bulk buyer stocking up atm MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 got 40b atm Redpelt08/17/2019 How much if I buy it all MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 offer Redpelt08/17/2019 $10 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 nah Redpelt08/17/2019 Counter offer? MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 17.5 Redpelt08/17/2019 Even 15? I’m overpaying MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 how do you figure Redpelt08/17/2019 It’s worth 12 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 then why you over paying at 15? Redpelt08/17/2019 Because I need it atm MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 depends Redpelt08/17/2019 Wym Nope no sythe available On this Planning on making a site soon I’ll be back in like 20mins if u wanna sell it to me MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 ye Redpelt08/17/2019 Ok so u ready? MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 $17 Redpelt08/17/2019 15 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 lowest i'll go is $16 because it's only 34b Redpelt08/17/2019 You told me 40 It’s included the statuses? Hmm thought it was cash MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 if you sell at 85/piece it's in cash Redpelt08/17/2019 What’s price of whips Isn’t it like 60m lol MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 85m Redpelt08/17/2019 Gms I’ll get on in a few Redpelt08/17/2019 ok im ready MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 how do you plan on paying? Redpelt08/17/2019 i can paypal but i expect half, then i pay half then u give rest and i pay rest MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i dont go first Redpelt08/17/2019 hmm can u show proof of cash or the 40b w.e MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 yeah you have zero rep on parabot. Redpelt08/17/2019 yeah i understand if i may seem shady lol MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 where are you Redpelt08/17/2019 in game? come to duel thats ab 28b maxc MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 l0l no Redpelt08/17/2019 mb bad on math 26.7b in whips then 2.5b cash stack ab 30 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 nah Redpelt08/17/2019 hm MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 trust me i merch all day either way, $16 take it or leave it Redpelt08/17/2019 comes with donator and prem? correect? MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 $17.50 with donator and prem Sell the account for $35 Redpelt08/17/2019 lol u got me messed up 17 who cares ab .50 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 I do. Redpelt08/17/2019 ok 17.50 ill pay 7.50 first paypal? MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 venmo, rsgp, or btc Redpelt08/17/2019 cashapp? MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 venmo is the same as cashapp Redpelt08/17/2019 dont have venmo tho MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 just different apps i dont have cash app l0l Redpelt08/17/2019 cash app is quick wanna dl it? if i give u my code u get free $5 too btw MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 so is venmo, wanna download it? Redpelt08/17/2019 hmm gms if i get venmo make it 15 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 if i get cash app make it 18 Redpelt08/17/2019 ill download venmo make it 15 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 $16.50 Redpelt08/17/2019 lol ok na its ok MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 ah okay i do already have cash app so you're lucky $17.50 Redpelt08/17/2019 already setup venmo 16.50 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 you didnt use my code so 17 Redpelt08/17/2019 you didnt use my code for cashapp so 8 haha MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i already had one made Redpelt08/17/2019 16.50 whats ur venmo paying 8.50 first 6.50* MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 you get a high level acc we can stake? Redpelt08/17/2019 yeah but dont have much cash on there MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 we can do small stakes to make it safer for us Redpelt08/17/2019 sure come duel how are we doing this btw MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 well just stake up to 40b Redpelt08/17/2019 hmm ok whats ur venmo sent MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 who's this Redpelt08/17/2019 im habedababe i had to bank rq idk who that guy is MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 whos the guy i'm dueling atm Redpelt08/17/2019 ur not dueling me dont win tho MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i'll do my best Redpelt08/17/2019 ill leave prayer on ill just use pray are u also praying MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i aint Redpelt08/17/2019 lol u have to be MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 im using lash too Redpelt08/17/2019 what is this MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 less accruate but hit higher Redpelt08/17/2019 yeah this gonna take awhile MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i'll give 16b then you give rest then we stake rest? Redpelt08/17/2019 tbh u can just trade me it its not like ur gonna be selling or buying gold in future right MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i do yes Redpelt08/17/2019 oh ok MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i'll keep playing i got a big ol operation on here this is just what i had in like the last 3 days Redpelt08/17/2019 oh ok put donator or prem or something just to make it quicker MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 last one then the rest of gp Redpelt08/17/2019 after this stake then i send rest MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 well venmo Redpelt08/17/2019 yes dont hit me sometimes liek click ground or something oof back to step 1 MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i keep auto retaliate off Redpelt08/17/2019 ok MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 then i spam ground if i'm getting ahead Redpelt08/17/2019 k had more whips than that MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i know i put dstatus in to replace Redpelt08/17/2019 ohh ok paid in full now just stake it all MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 yupp it's all up Redpelt08/17/2019 what about the 100m tickets MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i used to take donator and prem off Redpelt08/17/2019 oh rip nothing left? MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 no Redpelt08/17/2019 ok lay off ooofff MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 fuck it bro gawd damn it Redpelt08/17/2019 where u go fuck it just put it all in stake and dont attk me MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 im here haha no worries got to get ready though one sec give me like two minutes Redpelt08/17/2019 wanna just do this rq gtg soon Redpelt08/17/2019 yoo Redpelt08/17/2019 bro i dont have all day its literally been 20 mins smh man you should never make someone wait this long Redpelt08/17/2019 hello? going on 40 minutes Redpelt started a call.08/17/2019 Redpelt08/17/2019 Hello? Redpelt started a call.08/17/2019 Redpelt started a call.08/17/2019 Redpelt started a call.08/17/2019 Redpelt08/17/2019 really? Redpelt08/17/2019 Lmao ur scamming me of $16.50? MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i aint scamming i had an emergency with the family but i'm back now Redpelt08/17/2019 So u can pay up now? Sorry ab that now I feel so stupid MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 you're fine just give me a sec i aint around quite yet trying to settle everything down Redpelt08/17/2019 When do you think MaxGoldNMZ08/17/2019 i aint sure just give me a lil Redpelt08/17/2019 Aight August 18, 2019 Redpelt08/18/2019 Yo Redpelt08/18/2019 “I didn’t scam you for $16.50” headass Redpelt08/18/2019 Yo Redpelt08/18/2019 Yo Redpelt started a call.08/18/2019 Redpelt08/18/2019 Ik ur online Redpelt08/18/2019 If you don’t reply I’m reporting your account to pkhonor for RWT August 19, 2019 Redpelt08/19/2019 Yo “I had an emergency with the family” I’m weak I’m fucking dead Deceased Dying U have 1 hour till I report you to pay up on your end Redpelt08/19/2019 look at the post on parabot i made of you https://grabify.link/KFABH2 Parabot - Bot for Ikov, DreamScape, SoulPlay, RuneWild, and more Parabot - Bot for Ikov, DreamScape, SoulPlay, RuneWild, and more Redpelt08/19/2019 closing in on the timer Redpelt started a call.08/19/2019 Redpelt08/19/2019 https://grabify.link/JRT6YK Gyazo Gyazo you fucking loser hahaha im reporting your account to pkhonor for RWT If i cant get the money you cant have it either Redpelt08/19/2019 https://grabify.link/PHAU3S pkhonor thread post August 20, 2019 RedpeltLast Tuesday at 2:32 PM Yo bitch August 21, 2019 RedpeltLast Wednesday at 2:29 PM Yo Faggot Frail fuck August 22, 2019 RedpeltLast Thursday at 1:52 PM Bitch August 23, 2019 RedpeltLast Friday at 3:58 PM Lmao Ok August 24, 2019 RedpeltLast Saturday at 3:17 PM Scammer August 25, 2019 RedpeltYesterday at 4:04 PM yo so your just gonna scam me like that? You have no morals August 26, 2019 RedpeltToday at 12:32 PM Yo Just give me the pkhonor money dude He deleted photo evidence of him posting his parabot website account (@chocolatecheese01) in the discord pm messages
  5. Lmao what do you mean How can I move this post
  6. Also when u sent me the picture of your parabot username and reputation it said “last visited just now” so obviously it’s you because you also deleted the parabot username picture from discord messages when I reported you here
  7. Anyone can just make a discoed or have multiple discord accounts, nice try
  8. https://gyazo.com/6f278b924288b0ebc7bc41559ff7cbcc https://gyazo.com/0a53b89603fd4467b39ad70747cc273f https://gyazo.com/0c8d453d296bc41896afd7bcd3c53902 Our chat together @chocolatecheese01
  9. well your ignoring me on discord so there's no update you still stole my money and just wont respond
  11. @chocolatecheese01 scammed me of $16.50 haha idk anyone that scams that little amount but clearly this guy does so just wanna report him for the community to watch out and not deal with him. Ruin this guys rep please thanks. Tried buying rsps gold from him but he didn’t follow through and claimed he had to “brb” and would be back in 2 minutes but it’s turned into almost 3 hours of waiting now I can send photo evidence to anyone who wants it Also in no way am I bashing anyone that believes $16.50 is a lot of money. Thank god im blessed enough that it’s not but if he were to scam someone of $16.50 and that’s all they had just think about that
  12. Habedababe


  13. having trouble installing this script to parabot please help add me on discord: Redpelt #7499
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