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  1. how much would it cost for someone to make me a script on a server that they themselves have to hook.
  2. i am sorry to bother u but it says for dreamsape that i have to update the client what should i do i run it on the normal parabot download
  3. i just bought this script but it wont work any date set on update?
  4. pkhonor has updated already i think
  5. mcstore


    can somewon make a new farming bot on pkh pls
  6. mcstore

    my dreamscape

    i would want to but i have no skype
  7. mcstore

    my dreamscape

    no it still wont work for me
  8. mcstore

    my dreamscape

    sorry lord but it still doesnt work
  9. mcstore

    my dreamscape

    hello i would like to know how to fix dreamscape on my parabot this is what is says idk how to fix it i let it run but it doesnt change dont know what to do can somewon help me please....
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