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  1. bretts

    Can't Even Login To Parabot Client

    same issues
  2. bretts

    [PKH] [100M/HR] PDiamondCutter

    any idea why i keep getting 5 warnings
  3. went first, 50b pkhonor

  4. bretts

    [Pkhonor]Agility Script.

    script still stuck
  5. bretts

    Taking All Script Requests!

    lets see agility for pkhonor, sure its compatable with many servers
  6. bretts

    [PkHonor] 1-99 Agility [PkHonor]

    scripts not working for me, have itset up right.
  7. bretts

    Compiling Scripts

    i could use somehelp too msg me plz ur skype
  8. bretts

    pkhonor gold

    Buying pkhonor gold put your skype here, looking for 50-100bil can also msg me
  9. bretts

    How to compile a script

    was client-v2 now i renamed to parabot.jar
  10. bretts

    2015 Ultimate Compiling Guide [Video] - 720P

    i need help with the run.bat i saved as run.bat and all files it says it cant access jar file parabot.jar i saved client as parabot.jar whats the problem
  11. bretts

    How to compile a script

    unable to find jar file parabot.jar when i click on my run.bat scripts dont show up ik its from the bat file not finding the parabot.jar to run it... the client is named parabot.jar and still cant find